Maybe my grandpa was one of the first street artists in the postwar era; he painted trams on commission.
That’s how painting and drawing got into my life. I polished from time to times my own style up, even
I found something new today. - My other grandpa loved to make pictures with a photo camera
and this way my father became a fervent hobby photograph, too. As he bought himself a new equipment,
I began to discover the world of photography through his old camera.

Considering the capture of a moment, I always wanted to create something new:
Organic live which draws attention to itself under the influence of the constantly changing light.
– Nothing is for forever. – That is a part of my style, to paint my pictures over and over again.

I am a studied salesman, photograph and designer in the field of non-print and print. 
Today I´m working as a free author and movie maker.